Do you know the difference between color steel sandwich panel and fire retardant

    Release time:2019-11-20 17:15:30


    Color steel sandwich panels, in fact, do not have flame-retardant materials, and only flame retardant materials are added to the flame retardant materials to achieve the burning rate of core materials, such as polystyrene sandwich panels (foam sandwich panels), extruded sandwich panels, instead of old foam sandwich panels, flame retardant, but not fireproof.

    Another color of fire-resistant steel sandwich panel is fire-retardant. According to the core materials of the grade, the fire protection is different. Some are Grade B, such as silicon rock sandwich panel, some are Grade A or A1: such as color steel sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel, glass and magnesium rock sandwich panel


    Therefore, not all color steel sandwich panels are in it. Flame retardant is not equal to fire prevention. The effect of fire is different, but we should know clearly, but it also has the advantage of which color steel sandwich panel we choose to use.

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