Problems in installation of color coated plate

    Release time:2019-11-20 17:20:00


    In order to better waterproof, after the installation of the color coated plate, use special tools to lean the color coated plate against the roof ridge and fold it 3cm, about 800.

    The color coated plates transported to the roof truss cannot be completely installed on the working day of the same day, so they can be firmly fixed on the steel roof truss with the use of binding. The specific implementation can use brown rope or 8 × lead wire to bind them firmly, which will avoid any damage to the color coated plates in windy weather.


    The ridge cover plate shall be constructed as soon as possible after the completion of the roof. If it cannot be constructed immediately, the insulation materials at the ridge shall be protected with plastic cloth to prevent the influence of rainy days on the insulation effect.

    During the construction of ridge cover plate, it shall be ensured that the sealing between the ridge cover plate and the roof is reliable.

    When the roof is lifted to the roof truss for installation, pay attention to the direction of the main rib of the color coated plate. If it is not the main rib, adjust it immediately. Make sure that the installation position of the first plate is correct. Check its perpendicularity to the roof gutter of the ridge. After all dimensions are correct, fix the first plate. Install the subsequent plate with the same method. Always Use the positioning county to ensure that the end of the color coated plate is in a straight line.

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