Precautions for hoisting and stacking of floor bearing plate

    Release time:2019-11-20 17:21:44


    Precautions for hoisting and stacking of floor bearing plate (profiled steel plate):

    1. The floor for stacking floor bearing plates shall be basically flat, and the stacking of steel bar truss floor bearing plates shall not be too high, and each pile shall not exceed 60 pieces.


    2. When the floor bearing plate is transported to the site, it shall be properly protected from any damage and pollution, especially from oil contamination.

    3. Before hoisting, the floor bearing plate shall be cut and numbered in advance according to the arrangement map.

    4. Before lifting, each bundle shall be provided with two steel wire ropes, which shall be respectively tied at the quarter length of steel plates at both ends, and shall be lifted with special lifting appliances. The trial hoisting shall be carried out first to check whether the center of gravity is stable and whether the steel cable will slide. The hoisting can be carried out only when it is safe and reliable without any consideration. When lifting, the material shall be lifted from the lower floor to the upper floor in order to prevent the lifting operation of the lower floor after the upper material is lifted first. The bearing capacity of the beam shall be considered when the bearing plate of the whole building is placed on the beam surface, so as to avoid the deformation of the beam due to the excessive concentrated load. When the floor bearing plate is hoisted to the floor and is not laid temporarily, it shall be reliably fixed to avoid falling and falling and hurting people.

    The above introduction of floor bearing plate is here. I hope it can bring us some help. Thank you for reading. If there is any demand for steel truss floor bearing plate, please contact us.

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